BlendPro-350: Electric Juicer Blender + USB Rechargeable Mixer

BlendPro-350: Electric Juicer Blender + USB Rechargeable Mixer

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Take Control of Your Health and Boost Your Daily Intake of Fruits and Vegetables With This Convenient and Efficient Juicer Blender


No More being tied down to bulky blenders and power outlets.

Say hello to the BlendPro-350! This electric juicer blender mixer is designed to empower you with the freedom to blend wherever your adventures take you. USB Rechargeable Mixer, where blending becomes a breeze anytime and anywhere!



  1. Blend-on-the-Go: You can enjoy quick and convenient blending with our 350ML Electric Juicer Blender Mixer. It's perfect for whipping up delicious smoothies, shakes, and juices in no time.

  2. Power in Your Hands: Effortlessly blend fruits, vegetables, and more to create nutritious and tasty beverages. The BlendPro-350 puts the power of a high-performance blender in your hands.

  3. Perfectly Portable: The BlendPro-350 is your ideal travel companion, designed with a compact size and spill-proof lid. Take your nutritious beverages with you wherever you go without worrying about messy spills.

  4. Anytime, Anywhere: No need for power outlets or bulky cords. The BlendPro-350 is USB rechargeable, allowing you to blend on the go. Charge it up and enjoy the convenience of blending anytime, anywhere.

  5. Simple and Easy: Experience hassle-free operation with the one-button operation of the BlendPro-350. Its detachable blade assembly makes it easy to clean, ensuring a quick and effortless blending experience.

Buy Now:

Don't miss out on the BlendPro-350! Experience the convenience of blending your favorite beverages on the go. Upgrade to the ultimate portable juicer blender and take control of your nutrition. Order now and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle today!

Key Features:

  • Powerful 350ML electric juicer blender for quick blending

  • USB rechargeable machine for portable convenience

  • Stainless steel blades for efficient blending performance

  • Perfect for creating smoothies, shakes, and juices on the go

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation

  • Simple one-button operation for a user-friendly experience

  • Detachable blade assembly for easy cleaning

Package Content

Juice glass + Charging stand + Instruction manual 


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Vallie Miller

It is as the photo is, and it complies with what it says, only fruit not frozen because it is not so strong

Marina Kunze

The order came very quickly, the product corresponds to the description. It grinds very well. I am satisfied and recommend the seller. Thanks a lot

Hillary Boehm

Product according to the description received quickly. I tested it works perfectly.

Hardy Bailey

It has come to Spain in less than a week, it really looks good, it has arrived well. At the moment I have tried it with only water and it has an acceptable power, I think it promises. Thanks👍

Tatum Schroeder

Fast Shipping. Perfect communication. 100% recommended.

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