90 Carry-On Luggage

90 Carry-On Luggage

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Night Black
Lake Blue
Titanium Grey
Primula Yellow
Luggage Size

Award-Winning Design Carry-On Luggage for Business & Leisure

Ergonomic, Elegant & Lightweight Design

Robust and Tough construction

Effortless and Whisper-Quiet Rolling Wheels

Fixed Lock for Worry-Free Travel


Wear-resistant and drop-resistant


1.Imported three-layer PC material

2.TPU damping light tone wheel

3.Added new brake version (another listing)

4.Four-speed adjustable all-aluminum alloy rod

5.TSA Certified Customs Code Lock


Horizontal bar design, stable and drop resistant

Seven-bar innovative design, accurate position distribution to millimeter level, strong support to the box, excellent drop resistance.


Tough and strong, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Using PC material developed by Costron laboratory in Germany, with plastic particles as the main raw material, which is different from the inferior toner.


Four adjustable gears

High-strength thick aluminum alloy material, strong and durable, easy to push and pull. The shake degree is controlled within 15mm.

1. Anodizing process

2. Four gears can be adjusted

3. Shake degree <15mm


Abrasion-resistant light sound, smooth and universal

TPU shock-absorbing material, commonly used in medical equipment, innovative vertical support, 360-degree smoothness


Light box, large capacity

Lightweight design, large storage space, more flexible storage


Weight: 3.3kg

Height: 579mm

Width: 225mm

Length: 390mm


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